Simply put, I love history and I love writing. In honor of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday yesterday, I thought I’d share one of his quotes. Lincoln was one of the presidents that wrote his own speeches. An admirable trait to say the least. I was looking through some of his quotes yesterday and they were all golden. The man knew how to write and speak to people. He knew how to put passion into his speeches and lectures to make the people listen. Lincoln was a leader among men (and women).


This quote is only one sentence, 8 words, but is one of his most powerful. “I walk slowly, but I never walk backward.” What I take from this is that he just kept going. No matter how difficult, no matter how long it took him to get there, to reach his goals, he kept going. He never went backward on progress he had made. And I think that’s what pushed him to succeed and what pushed him to be one of the greatest presidents we’ve had.



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