That day we carved our initials in the tree.

A permanent link between you and me.

Love that would never be weathered.

Ties between us that could never be severed.

Forever leaving a legacy.

A connection that would cause jealousy.

My best friend, my partner in this life.

Nothing but smiles, that day you make me wife.

But there’s a problem with love in society.

People giving up unjustifiably.

A bump in the road, a bad day.

They each go their own way.

But love is finding someone to weather the storm.

True love causes a deep bond to form.

The taste of your lips, the touch of your fingers.

The feeling of your soul on my body lingers.

The smell of your breath, the curves of your face.

I look up at you; I found my place.

This is a love; the day to my night.

Because in the darkness, you are your light.


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